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Consulting Services

How to stand out in a sea of sameness

  • Content Marketing Strategic Planning
  • Brand Messaging
  • Specialized Content

We prefer to consult on a lump sum basis, determined by your specific needs.  Retainers work well too, to guarantee availability when you need it.

Special Packages

Site Content Effectiveness Audit

Many web designers are great at making a web site look good and function well.  But they are not necessarily great at content and copy.

This audit will focus on the content and message – helping you fine tune your company web site and make it work hard for you.  It is surprising that many just want a web site, but don’t know what it can do for them.  Your audit will open doors of possibilities and business building tips.

Call:  602.821.8823

Marketing Message Platform

The ultimate marketing message guide for your company.  Know how and what you say to reach and connect with your customers.  The package includes…

  • What is your core message? – tag line, headlines, descriptions
  • Your consistent style – voice and tone, types of content, benefits, solutions
  • What is your business story?
  • Creating your Brand Vision
  • Choosing ideal marketing channels

and more… walk away with your basic message to the world – clean, clear and consistent. No one in your company has to guess what your brand vision is.

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Steve Kellogg